LOUDCOW (whose name should always be written in caps) first appeared in the snigdom in the spring of 1998. He is shown here in said appearance berating white headed worm (also in his debut).

LOUDCOW isn't known for his tact or personable nature -- instead he is regrettably regarded for his critical and cud-clashing commentary.

LOUDCOW is not your typical cow. His legs are like little drips of sillyputty and his rotund body is a poor excuse for a torso. His face is almost singular in it's expression as LOUDCOW is almost always aggravated and loud. Some say LOUDCOW's anger stems from his distaste for grass and hay (a normal cow diet)-- an unfortunate dislike which resulted in his adopting the painful habit of a gravel cud. "Chewing gravel would put anyone in a foul mood." white headed worm was quoted as saying.

How true.
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