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Tactical Cone
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Tactical Cone

Tactical Cone is the poster boy for military genius. In the field of battle his cunning and strategic prowess is both feared and unmatched. But it wasn't always so.

Born Milo Pointpath to a couple of trapezoids, Tactical Cone began life in squalor and poverty. His early education consisted of counting down the hours as he honed his basic motor skills beveling edges in the local polygon factory. By age 8 Tactical Cone was managing said factory and reinventing the shape. His early credits include the 2 point triangle and the world renowned geodesic cone. His creative genius won him a scholarship to the famed Rectangulum School of Higher Learning where he apprenticed under General Mimms -- the very shape who invented the vertex.

Now on the lecture circuit, his military days behind him, Tactical Cone distributes his knowledge to all who will listen. He is a wealth of information and a public icon - and, inverted, makes an excellent receptacle for ice cream.

Tactical Cone Particulars

General Mimms

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