"All the Gink
That's Fit to Fleen"
Past Editions Summary List
Snigs Weekly Past Edition Summary List
Volume I, Issue 14: November 1 - November 7, 2004
Headline: Screamy Bee Ranch Violates Loams County Noise Ordinance - Economy Takes Hit
Poem of the Week:
The Fools
The Fool on the hill and the Fool in the hole
Fought one another and vied for control.

The Fool on the hill ate up all he surveyed.
The Fool in the hole claimed the land 'neath his spade.

And the hole became huge as the fool stole the earth.
And the hill became weak as the fool gained in girth.

Then at last when the weight became too much to bear
And emptiness displaced the dirt that was there,
The whole thing collapsed sending dust through the air.
Leaving two fools one grave — that they peacefully share.

Volume I, Issue 13: October 25 - October 31, 2004
Headline: Nutcase Acquitted! - Defense Successfully Argues Insanity Plea
Poem of the Week:
No Knees
Have you heard the tall tale of the snig with no knees?
He can't start his car cause he can't reach the keys.
Volume I, Issue 12: October 18 - October 24, 2004
Headline: Minor Site Updates - Send to a Friend and Tweaks
Poem of the Week:
Two Stars on a Limb
Twinkle-Dee and Twinkle-Dum were resting in a tree
"The night is bright," said Twinkle-Dum, "Indeed," said Twinkle-Dee.
"I never knew the light we threw could reach so very far.
I guess sometimes a change of view can show how bright you are."

Volume I, Issue 11: October 11 - October 17, 2004
Headline: Mobius Undies Defy Logic - One Sided Briefs Have No Beginning, No End
Poem of the Week:
Eyeball Golf
My first shot was disastrous,
I shanked it in the pond.

My second eyeball brought more luck —
I plopped it on the lawn,
Teed it up and hit it true —
A par 4 hole-in-one!

Alas, I couldn't see the shot.
My eyeballs all were gone.

Volume I, Issue 10: October 4 - October 10, 2004
Headline: Perm-a-Worm Flying Off the Shelf - Radical Hair Growth Formula has Dirt...
Poem of the Week:
The Pickle-Me-Pillow
I took me a nap on the Pickle-Me-Pillow
As vinegar winds blew a chill.

I dreamt in my slumber of kosher cucumber
And woke as a new baby dill.

Note: Issues 7, 8, and 9 are victims of my extended September vacation. Hopefully I'll get around to adding them in the coming months.
Volume I, Issue 6: September 6 - September 12, 2004
Headline: Snig Remains Sketch - Nervous Populace Fears Inking, Colorization
Poem of the Week:
Samurai Fairy
I thought a mosquito was biting my toe —
Turns out it's the Samurai Fairy.

His sword, I suppose, beats a blood-sucking nose.
Still I think I'll impose hari-kari.

Volume I, Issue 5: August 30 - September 5, 2004
Headline: Study Reveals 1 in 5 Snigs Morbidly Absurd - Disturbing Trend Shows No Signs of Slowing
Poem of the Week:
Forecast: Blueberry Cheese
I'm up to my knees in blueberry cheese.
They said expect snow, they forecast a freeze.
But all that I sees on this slope tween the trees
Is fruit freckled cheddar
And two useless skis.

Volume I, Issue 4: August 23 - August 29, 2004
Headline: Scientist Perfect Anti-Gravity Cone - Hands Free Creamery in "High" Demand
Poem of the Week:
The Blob in Booth 15
That thing in the booth in the corner
Has eaten up all of our food.
I'd ask it to go but it swallowed its clothes
And I fear that it's totally nude!
Volume I, Issue 3: August 16 - August 22, 2004
Headline: Chauceville's Loonfest Sees Record Turnout - Streets Teem with Weirdos
Poem of the Week:
Soft Serve Snail
Soft Serve Snail is a happy little bug
Cause he's one part cream'ry and he's one part slug.
And it's hard to be unhappy and there ain't no need to cry
When your shell sticks out like the toppin' on a pie.
Volume I, Issue 2: August 9 - August 15, 2004
Headline: In the Spotlight: Hoo Hoo the Magic Sailor
Poem of the Week:
Old Yet Hale
Old yet hale, old yet hale
Grippin' on a fishin' pole and sittin' in a pail.
Pin a piece of cloth — now I got a sail.
Headin' for a foreign shore to catch myself a whale.

Volume I, Issue 1: August 2 - August 8, 2004
Headline: Snigs Weekly! A Welcome Reformat
Poem of the Week:
Big Baldy Loams
Have you heard the sad story of Big Baldy Loams?
He won the state lotto!
They paid him in combs.